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Pius Wong

Occasionally rambles, rants, and reminisces about the most interesting engineering words.


Science, technology, engineering, and math are full of jargon, aren't they? But it's sometimes lovely jargon, right? With all those words of Japanese and Greek origin, acronyms with made-up pronunciations, joke phrases, poetic verbs, abstract concepts, and satisfyingly specific descriptors that you had to memorize at one point to pass a multivariable calculus class where you couldn't understand what the professor was saying and had to figure out any pronunciations on your own...

I love words so much. When I kept learning new ones to get that degree in engineering, and then when journeying through different industries in tech, each new term and phrase became placeholders in a book made up of all these cool or weird stories I'd experienced in engineering-land. I wish I could remember them all: both the words and the corresponding stories. I started this podcast in my indie studio around 2017 so that it could help me remember some of them, while teaching me new words, too.

Hopefully it'll help you remember some words, or teach you new ones. What's your favorite engineering word, anyway? Why?